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Tenancy Law

While an ever-increasing amount of rented spaces are being sold as property, more than 80 % of Berlin’s population live in rented apartments. An apartment is the centre of the personal life and plays a fundamental role in a person’s well-being.

Issues such as mildew, noise, or dysfunctional heating systems can severely affect a person’s quality of life while modernisations and rent increases can impose a burden that may be beyond a tenant’s financial abilities. Likewise, contract terminations and the refusal to allow for sublets can impact one’s personal life plan. The preservation of adequate and affordable housing is a relevant topic for most tenants in Berlin. Small and medium-sized businesses are also not immune since the availability and affordability of office spaces has a significant economic impact on their business.

Tenants are often under the impression that they are powerless against an almighty landlord. This is not true if you have a committed and competent attorney at your side that provides adequate advice and legal representation.

Benjamin Hersch, attorney-at-law, is working in the field of tenancy law. We represent only tenants.

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