Sonja Schlecht

Specialist for family law

Born in Berlin, I have practised as an attorney in Kreuzberg since 1992, and as a certified specialist in family law since 2004. The focus of my work is on the following areas:
  • Family law, including the law of registered same-sex partnerships
  • Law of non-marital cohabitation
  • Defence of victims: protection against violence, esp. domestic violence and abuse (including injunctive relief and civil action)
  • Law of successions
  • Adoption
  • Change of name
  • General civil law: torts and damages, loans

I have a particular focus on matters relating to the protection against violence and I only represent the victim in cases involving domestic violence, stalking, or abuse, both in civil and criminal procedures. The welfare of children is my utmost concern. I offer representation in divorce procedures and other procedures relating to separation, both with and without regard to their financial dimensions. This includes the calculation of alimonies. I also practice in the field of name change procedures, which require a detailed justification if they are not linked to a marriage or a divorce.

I also work as a trainer and, on a pro-bono basis, on the board of a youth welfare service provider. I participate in discussions and networking activities relating to child protection and protection against sexual violence. I am an active member of a working group in one of Berlin’s family courts and cooperate with several counselling NGOs such as the counselling center Al Nadi.

Based upon my wide-ranging and extensive experience, I am able to provide knowledgeable and in-depth counselling to my clients.

Sonja Schlecht

Phone: (030) 455 00 00
E-Mail: schlecht[at]

  • Member of the Bar of Berlin

  • Member of the German Lawyers’ Association and its Working Group on Family Law

  • Member of the Lawyers‘ Association of Berlin


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