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Family Law

The family environment can give rise to a very diverse set of legal issues, often requiring the professional support of an experienced attorney, particularly in cases such as the dissolution of a registered partnership or a non-marital cohabitation, and in any cases involving children.

Typically, these cases involve married couples or partners of a de facto union but other family members such as parents or grandparents may also be concerned.

Family law also concerns alimonies, compensation for retirement and other financial benefits, the use of the marital home and the distribution of household goods, visitation rights and parental custody, as well as the establishment of paternity. Questions related to adoption often arise in “patchwork” families. Increasingly, alimonies are also claimed for the benefit of the parents. The verification and calculation of such claims is usually complicated.

Many of these issues have a significant emotional and financial importance for those concerned. Therefore, effective legal representation does not only require in-depth knowledge of legal matters but also a great deal of empathy. The services of a specialised attorney are crucial in understanding one’s rights and obligations and often compulsory within many procedures due to their far-reaching consequences. This applies to divorce procedures as well as procedures concerning alimonies and other financial aspects. We provide advice on the application for judicial aid in these procedures.

We assist you in seeking settlements outside of the court of law, which is often in the best interest of all parties, especially in cases involving children, and we offer advice on marriage agreements.

We can also assist with cases involving stalking, threats, or physical violence both within the family or involving third-parties according to the law on prevention of violence.

Susanne Lattek, attorney-at-law, and Sonja Schlecht, attorney-at-law, practise in the field of family law. Sonja Schlecht, attorney-at-law, also offers consultation with regard to adoptions.

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