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Civil Action

In criminal procedures, victims are considered as mere witnesses and may feel victimised a second time through the proceeding itself. Through civil action, an active participation in the proceedings may be ensured.

For certain severe crimes, such as crimes against sexual self-determination, attempted murder and manslaughter, assault, and stalking, civil action affords the victim and her attorney specific rights - such as the presence at all times in the court proceedings, the right to question the defendant and witnesses, to apply for evidence, to plead and to appeal against a court decision. For other offences, your attorney may accompany you to the interrogation of witnesses and provide defense against inadmissible questions.

Besides legal representation during criminal proceedings, legal representation by an attorney is recommended with regards to all rights stemming from a criminal offense.

In many cases, the state covers the costs of civil action, independent of your income.

Susanne Lattek and Sonja Schlecht, attorneys-at-law, are working within the field of civil action.

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